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Koss QZ77 Noise Canceling Earbud


Manufacturer: Koss
Part Number: QZ77
MSRP: $40.01

Koss QZ77 Noise Canceling Earbud
The QZ77 Stereophone features both Active Noise Reduction (ANR) and Passive Noise Reduction (PNR) technology whicheliminate harmful and unwanted noise while still providing the ultimate in stereo sound. For years we have been striving to improve on the sound and portability of noise reduction products.

The Koss QZ77 provides maximum noise reduction in a compactdesign. The ANR technology utilizes tiny microphones embedded in the ear piece. These microphones sample the surrounding low-frequency noise and transmit information about those undesirable sounds toa processing circuit.

The processing circuit, in turn, generates mirror image "anti-waves" that are180 degrees out of phase and relays those anti-waves back to the stereophone. When the offending sound waves encounter the waves generated by the QZ77, the two counteract each other at the wearerÆs ear.

The offending hum and buzz is reduced and a peaceful listening environment is created where oncethere was noise. Low frequency noise below 1000 Hz, such as jet, bus or automotive engines, is reduced by an average of 10 dB. Noise reduction is evengreater for noise below 200 Hz, offering a 15 dBof protection against low frequency noise.

Designed after another popular Koss model, The Plug, thestereo earbud features a dynamic element that is positioned just outside the ear. The element is connected to a tubular port structure that is inserted on a soft expandable cushion into the ear canal.

Soft foam "memory" cushions expand for a custom fit to improve isolation and enhance deep bass andtreble clarity. Utilizing the fit and mechanical design of the headphone to reduce noise is known asPassive Noise Reduction (PNR). While the ANR circuit reduces low frequency noise, the PNR reduces high and mid frequencies so music and voice can beheard in absolute clarity.

Double noise reductionand maximum sound performance all in one completeproduct. The QZ77 utilizes (1) "AAA" battery.
Frequency Response= 10-20,000 Hz
Impedance =16Ohms
Sensitivity =110 dB SPL/1mW
Distortion= <0.3%
Cord =Straight, Dual Entry, 4ft.

Koss QZ77 Noise Canceling Earbud

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